Give thanks in all circumstances;

for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

~1 Thessalonians 5:18~



Please pray for my daughter in law Kristi Alford as she goes to MD Anderson on tues for a scan to check on the progress of her chemo. Please pray for good news .

Charlotte Alford




Asking ALL of my friends to please pray for our dear friend Angie Lamb🙏🏻 She was in a horrible hunting accident this morning and is at the hospital in Springfield Mo. She’s a very strong lady and will get through this but she and her family really need our prayers right now and in the days to come. They had to amputate her leg below the knee. We are thankful she is still alive. She is still hurting and of course waking up with out her foot isnt going to be easy. Her opposite leg she just had surgery on and can’t put all her pressure on it. So walking isnt going to be easy with it being both legs.

Lou Reynolds

Angie is a friend of Trey and Rachel Buckley.  I read an update that said Angie was able to use a walker to move a little.  Keep praying.





Children’s Missions Day – Feb. 15 in Hammond!




Scripture Writing – Nov. 19th – Psalm 28: 6-9




“Young” Ladies’ Birthday Party – Today at The Cafe at 11 A.M.  You are invited!




Thankfulness — Day 19 – Today, I am thankful for numerous locations where “shoeboxes” can be dropped of so they can begin the journey to “their children”.  Four volunteers at FBC, Kentwood received over 800 shoeboxes from seven local churches in two hours yesterday.   Wow!  Just think of the 800+ children/homes that will be blessed with gifts and all the people who will hear about Jesus for the first time.  Yesterday was day one.  Collection of shoe boxes will continue through Monday of next week.

I know Jordan and Paxton’s family.  Read their story.





I pray the shoeboxes packed this year impact many lives.  If you want to get involved for 2020, just let me know.  I will help you get started.

Anna Lee