My internet satellite keeps going our.  I’ll be brief now and post more later.


“Let us love one another,

for love comes from God.” 

~John 4:7 NIV~




Update on Josiah Huckaby

😎 How the cool kids watch TV in the hospital…you must have at least 1 arm & leg hanging out of the rails.

Josiah is back on his home vent settings & doing great with that! He’s down to 1L of oxygen. They are pretty sure the increased vent settings were due to his dehydration. We also found the cause of his GI issues. He tested positive for Norovirus. They said sometimes it just lingers a long time for some people. We tried to swap him back to our regular amount of water flushes we give at home but his labs went in the wrong direction. He also lost the 0.5 LB he had gained back over the last couple of days. They are putting him back on the increased water to see if that will correct the issue again. Once his electrolyte labs are stabilized we can go home! They are thinking early next week at the latest. To God be the glory!!!




Pray for Jimmy and Linda Williams  of Spring Creek.  Their youngest son, Rusty, passed away yesterday.  Rusty is no longer needs his wheelchair!




Scripture Writing – Choose your own verse(s) to write today.




I hope you are prepared for the cold front that is moving in today.  Do you know of someone who might need something?  Think of others today!




I’ll write more later when the rain passes through.

Anna Lee