“God has made everything beautiful for its own time.” 

~Ecclesiastes 3:11 NLT~




Josiah and Job Huckaby

Josiah had a rough day yesterday. He started requiring even more oxygen & they had to start increasing some of his vent settings. His chest X-ray looked fine & I requested an echo to make sure his pulmonary hypertension isn’t out of control. We don’t have those results just yet. He looked so pitiful yesterday afternoon & he started running a fever. After some Tylenol & a pretty good nap he seemed to feel better. They are thinking this is probably the “getting worse before he gets better” stretch. He also doesn’t know how to just rest. As soon as he feels the slightest bit better, he’s a wild man! He has a tendency to push himself until he just gets completely worn out and has to rest….which I feel is probably what happened yesterday on top of the rhinovirus. The dr also said that rhinovirus can last 2-3 weeks so he could still have a while before he’s really feeling 100%. Thanks for all the prayers!!! Job is feeling better & I’m still praying I don’t get that crazy stomach bug! It’s been a long 10 days away from home & I’m pretty sure Josiah is as over this hospital stay as I am.

To God be the glory!!!




Betty Cleveland Rainey 

Betty has no more headaches.  Thank God for the success of her procedure last week.




Susie Sharkey

Susie was admitted to Ochsner in New Orleans yesterday by her cardiologist because of blood pressure issues.  She requests your prayers.




Smiley Conerly

Please keep Smiley and Carol Jean in your prayers.  The doctors will be checking on two suspicious spots.  When you get some medical information, you also get another appointment and some more wait time.  Pray for them as they  wait a little longer.




Betty Taylor and Brad Bryant

Brad slipped and fell Monday.  He has a badly bruised hip.  Betty fell at home yesterday.  Pray for Betty and Brad.  We all need to be careful so we don’t fall.




Jim Slaven and Mark Shaw

Pray for these men who have been hospitalized this week.




Kenneth Birch

The knee surgery went well Monday.  Kenneth is home and will be working to get around well on his new knee.  Pray all continues to go well.




Scripture Writing for October 24th – John 10: 14-18




Operation Christmas Child Schedule

  •  Thursday – Boxes transported to church from hammond & shoebox items moved in preparation for packing (1 P.M.) Men!
  • Friday – Room and items organized (8 A.M.) Ladies and men!
  • Saturday – Packing Party (1 P.M.) Wear Christmas colors and bring Christmas snacks.  Everyone!
  • Sunday – Remainder of funds for postage will be collected.
  • November 18-25 – Kentwood will serve as a drop-off location for shoeboxes from area churches.  Check the Samaritan’s Purse webpage for hours of collection.  They will vary from day-to-day.
  • Be sure to join us in praying for the children who will receive the boxes.  Each box will impact seven people in the family by introducing them to Jesus.  Can you put a dollar value on that?



Thanks to all who helped prepare for and attended the WMU meeting Monday in Kentwood.  I understand Barbara Forshag did a great job presenting information about her mission trips to Central America.   The Annual World Day of Prayer meeting will be at Kedron Baptist Church Monday, November 4 at 10 A.M.  Please bring a covered dish for the meal after the meeting.  Mark your calendar.




Prayers bring the peace of God during our times of struggle.  
Anna Lee