“I once thought these things were valuable,

but now I consider them worthless

because of what Christ has done.” 

~Philippians 3:7 NLT~




Update on Mrs. Peggy Luce from her daughter:

My mom is doing pretty well today. She says thank y’all so much for the prayers, and she would like for you to pray for her tomorrow as she is going to the doctor. We will know more after her appointments. The Lord has surely watched over her and is the Great Physician! All the thoughts and prayers mean so much to us! 😘😘 She had to joke a bit tonight and said to please not put her picture on fb lol! Glad she’s joking about it!!!



David had labs, saw a new doctor, and got his Procrit shot yesterday.  While at Ochsner, he learned his blood count was 9.8, the highest it has been since the MDS diagnosis.  We are so thankful for the medical staff and treatment David has received.  We are also thankful for the prayers many of you have faithfully uttered daily on his behalf.  We believe in prayer and are especially thankful for all of you who have prayed for us since David started this medical journey.




Yesterday, we saw three Seymour sisters that I taught years ago.  We had a brief, but sweet visit.  One of them has had cancer.  We have prayed for her as she received treatment.  She looks great and is doing well now.  They have pray for us, just as we have prayed for them.  That’s what it is all about!

We also saw another couple we know.  Although they are younger than we are, life has also started to have some medical issues for them.  I ask you to remember to pray for these friends too!




Scripture Writing for October 22 – John 10: 5-8.




Yesterday, it rained on us all the way to Baton Rouge in early morning traffic and back home again.  I thank God for watching over us.  Although I drove locally almost daily to get to work, the grocery store, etc., David drove us any time we were together.  It has been a big change for me to drive all the time, especially to all the places David has needed to go for medical attention.  I have had some family members to help with the driving, but have done most of it.  Sickness brings about numerous life changes that we don’t expect.  God has been faithful to “ride” with us on the highway and all the other new experiences too!  Many of you have offered to drive us and do things for us.  We appreciate your offers and your help.  It humbles us, but makes us appreciate sweet friendships so much more.  Thanks for being there for us and for others when we reach our limitations.  May God richly bless you for your ministry to us and to others.

Anna Lee