For we did not follow cleverly devised stories when we told you about the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in power, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty.

~2 Peter 1:16~




We have prayed for Dollie Frazier and her eye problems recently.  We need to continue to do so.  She has been having mini strokes in both eyes and is now hospitalized at North Oaks to help her save her vision.

Calling all Prayer Warriors I am now having strokes in my right eye as well. Dr Rhodes put me in the hospital at North Oakes for a few days to try and save my right eye. Thank you for prayer. God is Master Physcian!

Let’s support her with our prayers.




Scripture Writing for October 19 – Acts 4:11-12




Baptist Friendship House needs our support.




Two Rivers’ WMU will meet Monday at FBC, Kentwood.  Attend to learn.  Leave to do missions.  Keep your church involved.




One week from today, at 1 P.M., FBC Kentwood will have their packing party.  You are invited to come pack and pray for shoeboxes.  Wear your Christmas colors and bring a Christmas “goodie” to share with the other packers.  Packing always goes quickly, so don’t be late.




Yesterday, I shared that I believe in praying.  A reader responded with example of how prayer has working in their family.  The more we believe, the more we will pray!  I had an older friend who now resides in her heavenly home.  She told me for several years about all the things she wished she could still do, but couldn’t.  She always ended by saying she could still pray.  She faithfully prayed for my family and the families of many of you.  As soon as David and I would get settled in to visit with her, she would begin to ask about those she had been praying for.  She wanted her prayers to be timely and consistent with the current needs.  I miss my friend, but I greatly miss her Christian example.  I’m thankful for the lessons I learned from her.




Thanks for reading and praying today.

Anna Lee