“We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” 

~Romans 8:28 NIV~

Here is a devotional by Rick Warren that goes along with the verse.




Please continue to pray for the Bill Ichter family.  This is the post from his daughter, Alana.  The second half is written in Portuguese.

Update on my Dad – Bill Ichter – August 28
Dad is very weak, not resting very well and his kidneys are not working like they should. A lot of family is coming to be with him over the next few days. Just keep praying for all of us! We sure love him! ❤️
Meu pai está fraquinho, e não está conseguindo dormir bem. Os rins não estão funcionando como deveriam. Muito familiares estão chegando a partir de hoje e nos próximos dias. Por favor continuem orando por todos nós. Amamos muito esse homem! ❤️




David has had a busy week.  Monday, his blood level was 8.1 with normal being 14-18. His is low, but an improvement over where it has been lately.  He also saw a nurse practitioner and got his Procrit injection.  The Procrit is improving the blood level.  Wednesday, David saw the cardiologist and got a good report.  Then, we were seen by the family doctor during his lunch break.  David now has shingles!  We did have the shingles shot!  We appreciate your prayers, which are certainly helping us get through all the curves and bumps in this journey.




Scripture Writing – August 29 – Psalm 19:1




Please remember to pray for all the students of various ages who will be involved in playing football, cheering, etc.  Pray for safety and for good experiences because of wonderful coaches and teammates.

Anna Lee