He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

~Psalm 147:3~




Caleb Estay, son of Landon and Alisha, had surgery about 5 P.M. yesterday to put a new shunt in the place of the one removed in the previous surgery.  All went well.  Caleb should be able to go home later today.  Pray for him as he heals from surgery and prepares to begin school.




Melinda Russell, a friend and former missionary in Romania, will be have surgery to remove a tumor from her lung.  She now lives in China where her husband is a teacher.  Most of her family lives in Texas.  Having surgery in a foreign country where there is a language difference complicates things for the patient, family, and for the medical staff.  Please pray for Melinda and everyone else involved.




Pack your own “shoebox” – You select the items and Operaation Christmas Child will pack and send your shoebox gift for you.




A friend from Amite found the new plastic OCC shoeboxes for sale in Walmart in Amite.  That means they are probably available in many locations.  This saves the cost of paying for postage and for having to buy the boxes in quantity.  I ordered cardboard boxes last week!




Scripture Writing – August 15th – Psalm 147:3




There have been a number of deaths in our area lately.  As you think about them, please consider the professionals who work with each family during the difficult days.  They surely have difficult jobs, ones we are thankful others choose for their careers.  Pray for professionals who select the jobs we don’t think we would like to face each day.

Anna Lee