“Pour out your heart to him, for God is our refuge.” 

~Psalm 62:8 NLT~



Update on Adam Carter:

Adam had to have surgery on his hand again Thursday. So we have been in Covington at St Tammany Parish Hospital. Saturday the Dr said it looked better. There was still some infection in it but just a little. He said if it stilled good today he would tell us when we could go home. It will be today or tomorrow. Poor Adam is ready to come home now.



Request from Jan Yarborough:

Tomorrow I’ll be having left shoulder replacement at the Baton Rouge Orthopedic Surgical Center on Blue Bonnet. If all goes well I’ll be home Tuesday. Asking for prayers. Thanks, Jan!




Scripture Writing – August 5 – Ephesians 1:7




If you would like to help with OCC, I have two suggestions:

  1. Sign up to purchase some needed items during August.  The lists of needed items is posted on the back door of the church near the patio and on the table just inside the front door of the church.  Items can be left in the church office or in the classroom next to the choir room.  Thanks!
  2. If you are available to help, do as Wanda Smith did yesterday.  Ask me when a good time to work will be.  I know I will need a couple of people to make some counts, possible on Saturday.  We are painting a surprise in each shoebox, so you you have the talent to hold a paintbrush and we have the boxes and the ideas.  It is peaceful work, but leaves you with great satisfaction.  We will work several days, so just ask to see when your schedule fits in with our schedule.  I love when people volunteer.





When people get trained to be Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Volunteers, they can never imagine where, when, and how God plans to use them.  The recent shootings in our country have caused our volunteer chaplains to be available for counseling with families, workers, first responders, and others as people have so much sorrow to cope with.  God can use the volunteers in many ways, all without cost.  Go, volunteers!




Have a great week.  Make it a week that counts for something positive.

Anna Lee