“God blesses those who are merciful, for they will be shown mercy.” 

~Matthew 5:7 NLT~




Scripture Writing Plan – “Patience and Perseverance” – Deuteronomy 31:6




Please continue to pray for Mr. Frank and “Miss” Barbara Erwin.  They are improving.  Your prayers will be greatly appreciated.




Kenneth Birch is recovering from hip surgery.  Keep him in your prayers,




The WMU meeting scheduled for this morning at Spring Creek has been postponed.  You will be notified when it is rescheduled.




Yesterday, I noticed a door hanger I have that says “Give Thanks”.  November is not the only time to be thankful!  Storm Barry can be described in many ways.  This morning, I want to give you some examples of how people are giving thanks concerning Barry.

First, most people in Baton Rouge and New Orleans are thankful water was diverted from the Mississippi River preventing flooding in the cities.  Meteorologists  made some educated predictions that were helpful in people being prepared for the storm.   Based on information available to them, some experts decided not to call for evacuation from areas that have previously flooded.  This seemed risky at the time, but was apparently the correct call and avoided thousands of people from leaving their homes and cities unnecessarily.

Many people were first responders.  I’m thankful for them and for not being one in the story named Barry.  I thank God for their willingness to help and their safety as they helped others.

I personally know a number of people who elevated their furniture, but didn’t flood.  One family that did that is Roy and Diane Turner.  The work was hard.  Their home did not flood,  but they were prepared.  They are thankful their home was spared and that they were able to prepare “just in case”.

I told David the route I was choosing to travel to church and back yesterday based on the number of trees that could have potentially fallen.  Later, we saw Sherry Gill Simpson and her parents.  They witnessed a tree falling across a highway, but they were still far enough away to be safe.  They were thankful they were spared.

I know people who had camps to flood, but homes that are not flooded.  I think they have to be thankful for a place to live that did not flood.

I know Louisiana Baptists will be working hard in the coming weeks to help those who had flooding.  I’m thankful to be a part of this group, even though I cannot personally help this year.  I know the home and business owners will be thankful for people who are willing to help them.  I remember all the trips David and others made to the lower ninth ward of New Orleans following Katerina.  People were thankful for help.  David and the other volunteers were thankful to be able to help out.  This is also true for the more local flooding in August 2016.  Thanks to all those who help with disaster relief in any way.

Our power went off twice, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.   I’m thankful for the local men who work for Demco who got out in the bad weather and returned service to us.  We were prepared to be without service for a longer period of time, but so thankful when it came back on.

I’m thankful for store employees who had to deal with lots of people wanting bread, snacks, etc.  The delivery drivers we saw were working diligently for all the customers who would be purchasing food within a short period of time.

Who and what are you thankful for?  Did you take time to thank God for your safety and that of your property, your church, your neighbors, etc?  Did you think about the hours of family time people gave up to make life more convenient for us.  We all benefitted from time and effort of many others.  Were we polite and appreciative when we saw the people working?

Today is a good day to count our blessings!  Where will you start?  Who will you thank when you see them in the coming days?  Does God know you are thankful?  Did you tell Him?

We are receiving a hard rain right now.  We are dry.  The lights, television, etc are working.  We are in our own home.  Our neighbors are too.    We’re thankful!  How about you?

Anna Lee