“A wise, mature person is known for his understanding.

The more pleasant his words, the more persuasive he is.” 

~Proverbs 16:21 GNT~



Update of Carol Bennett Sealey written by her son, Austin

My mom was transported back to Providence yesterday. She was actively seizing yesterday morning, and was unresponsive for all of yesterday. She has responded some today, but it appears she is septic again. She has been placed on isolation in ICU for now while they try to rule things out. Due to the isolation, we ask that there be no visitors at this time. We ask for continued prayers as we begin again trying to figure things out.




Jimmy R. Willians

To those of you that are praying for Jimmy. . . . Good news from his kidney specialist! Where it was expected for the dye used for the heart cath yesterday to cause damage to his one kidney, his kidney function studies are actually better after 24 hrs.! He thinks if that’s still the case after another 24 hrs., it will show the dye did not damage his kidney! No dialysis if that’s the case! Praise God for answered prayers so far. Please continue to pray for his kidney to do well and for the cardiologist(and God) to make his heart disease better. Thanks to all of you!❤️




Carl “Chicken” Gaines

“Chicken” is continuing to improve.  Please continue to pray for him.




Tessie Brabham Strickland

Join our family, tomorrow night (Friday)  at 630 pm. We will be celebrating the life of my mom, Tessie Strickland. Though we will begin at 630, we’ll be there through the night. Mom always appreciated the celebration of life that our family shared in the reception halls, during wakes. We would gather to share fond memories of our loved ones, eat, play music, sing, laugh, and even cry. She always wanted the same when her time came. The celebration/memorial service will be at New Zion Baptist church (3841 Hwy 38 Kentwood, LA). Bring your instruments, your favorite memories/stories, and any food or drinks you’d like to contribute. No one is obligated to stay through the night. Feel free to come and go. Also, please don’t send flowers at this time. This is not a wake and funeral, but a memorial/celebratory gathering to help those close to our family process this tragedy and find a small amount of closure. There will be a funeral once mom is sent home.




Scripture Writing Plan – “Patience and Perseverance” – John 13: 1-7




Love God, love others!  Love our country too!

Anna Lee