“He makes me lie down in green pastures.” 

~Psalm 23:2 NIV~


Take a few minutes to think about this verse.  Would you feel refreshed afterward?





Buddy Morris is home from the hospital.  He is feeling better and has no more fever.




Barbara B. Gaines shared this update on “Chicken” Gaines.

Making progress since we have been home. Been resting most of the day. But got in the pool to get a jump start on physical therapy. Swam from one end of pool to the other and back. Karson had him doing resistance bands and bar bells for pool to build up his muscles. LOL!! Working on slowing down and trying to over pronunciate each word. He tires out quickly but doing oh so much better. Working on getting back 100% Keep him in your prayers. We all love this gentle giant of a man. Our heart!!




Scripture Writing Plan – Who I am in Christ – Ephesians 1: 5-10




Louisiana Baptist Message




Despite our imperfections, Jesus loves us still.

Anna Lee