LORD, you establish peace for us;

all that we have accomplished you have done for us.

~Isaiah 26:12~




I’m thankful for God who loves us and helps you find peace on the difficult days we all have.




I’m going to be brief this morning because I have a long list of things to accomplish today.




I am thankful for a better rest last night.  I am thankful to wake up in my own house.  I am thankful to open the refrigerator at my own home. I’m even thankful for the sound of my washing machine this morning.  Being in the hospital for a few days certainly makes you appreciate being back at home.  I’m thankful that David and I are back at home.  He lost fifteen pounds of fluid in less than a week.  I know he will feel better today.  Please continue to remember David in your prayers.




Read and Write the Bible Today – “Abiding in Christ” – Psalm 25:21







Stay safe and dry today.  I’m thankful we only had light rain on our drive home from Baton Rouge yesterday.  What is on your thankfulness list today?

Anna Lee