“But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure;

then peace-loving,



full of mercy and good fruit,

impartial and sincere.”

 ~James 3:17 NIV~




Gloria Gill asks for prayer for her husband. Pete Gill, who is hospitalized at North Oaks with pneumonia and COPD.



Carolyn Mcgraw asks for pray for her husband, Jimmy Mcgraw.  He is at MD Anderson.

Update on Jimmy
Jimmy saw Dr. Saux (oncologist) today. He gave us more hope than the hospital doctors did. He said tumor had not grown a lot. He seems to think chemo is working. He is going to continue with chemo. He won’t do chemo this week. I think he will start back next week. He wants to give him time to recover from his hospital stay. The growth probably occurred during the 5 weeks he was off chemo.
We were relieved that he didn’t tell us there was nothing left to do for him.
He has had a much better day today.
The bowel obstruction that put him in the hospital seems to have cleared up.

Thanks for all the prayers. We know this is in God’s hands and prayers are powerful.




Pray for Mike Moore of West Monroe who is going to Memphis today to check on the tumor in his liver.



Read the Christmas story – Luke 6



Read your Bible Daily

  • Joel
  • Psalm 139
  • Matthew 4



Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Day 5 – “Not a Flash in the Pan”



This is a great day to “Let Others See Jesus in You”!

Anna Lee