Sunday Addition

Dr. and Mrs. Earl Council request prayers for their family because of the sudden death of their eighteen year old grandson.



Maddie is the granddaughter of one of my classmates.  Her Facebook page is Maddie’s Miracles.  Please be in prayer for Maddie and her family.

We came to Louisiana for birthday parties and bonfire today and Maddie missed it all and wound up in the hospital. They think her appendix ruptured because they can only find fluid where her appendix should be. She is in a good bit of pain in her abdomen but no other symptoms. The hospital in Hammond doesn’t have transplant doctors so they kept her over night to give her IV antibiotics. She will go to her regular hospital in Jackson tomorrow where her doctors are so they can try to figure out what’s going on and see a surgeon that is familiar with her. Prayers are appreciated that they figure this out before it gets any worse. Will update tomorrow once we get her moved. Thanks to our prayer warriors.