Friday Updates and Additions

Mr. Jimmy Tolar is in ICU at North Oaks.  Please pray for him and his family.


Mrs. Grace Chadwick is in ICU at Our Lady of the Lake.


Elsie Smith, David’s sister’s sister-in-law, passed away.  She has been sick for a while.  I do not have an obituary yet.


Lane Gettschalk passed away.  There is no obituary available at this time.  Please pray for this child’s family.


Update on David:  We have had a busy week seeing a specialist in Baton Rouge and two in Hammond.  Next week’s schedule seems to be filling up quickly.  Monday, he will have a CAT scan in Covington.  Tuesday, he will receive two units of blood in Baton Rouge.  Thursday, he will see a gastro specialist for a procedure in Covington.  In the meantime, he asks for your continued prayers.