In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

~James 2:17~




Please pray for Jeana Russell Lee-Newman.  It seems she is headed for another surgery.  She requests prayers the infection can be cleared without having an additional surgery.




We saw Jimmy and Linda Williams.  He still has some heart issues that are being addressed.  Please pray for him.




Pray for David as he continues to undergo tests to identify his problem.  Thank-you!




Camp Living Waters had a fire recently that burned a she, mowers, etc.  Now, they have a new problem.

My apologies for anyone who has been trying to contact us this week. Last Thursday we were hit by lightning. More specifically we lost phone system, internet, computers, printer, kitchen a/c and a few other things. We now have telephone and some internet. Kitchen staff is very thankful to Darrin Fairburn for working through the night to get air back to the kitchen. One day at a time. When God is at work Satan has to work overtime.

What can you/we do to help?




Kay Bennett serves at the Friendship House in New Orleans.  I shared about them yesterday.  Here is another inspiring article about the work done there.

Operation Christmas Child – Yves-and-A Scarf
Read the Bible
  • Isaiah 30
  • Psalms 102
  • 2 Timothy 2



Please continue to pray for and minister to the many in our community who are undergoing treatment for cancer.  

Anna Lee