“Each of us will give an account of ourselves to God.

Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one other.”

~Romans 14:12-13NIV~



Read the Bible

  • Reflect on God as Everlasting.
  • Catch up on any readings you missed this week.



Today, I thank God for a safe trip to Ridgecrest in N.C. and back.  We were able to see the closing ceremonies at Camp Crestridge for Girls and Camp Ridgecrest for Boys.  I’m thankful David and I were able to climb all the mountains, even if it was slower than our other family members.  Yesterday, we made a  lunch stop on the way home and saw another granddaughter and her hosts in Laurel, MS where she has worked this summer.  Four of the five days were spent riding most of the day.  Today will be a day of rest and washing.

I thank God for this great inspirational location He is using in N.C. to train many young men and women in Biblical knowledge and growing in the Lord.  May it continue to be a great ministry place.  It was evident God’s love was bubbling in many young lives.  I was so blessed to be there for the first time since the years we sent our son there to work as a teen.  This year his two teens were campers.  They continue to return each summer.



Operation Christmas Child – The suggested July purchases are clothing items like  shoes, socks, shirts, etc.



I’ll be doing some catch-up on local needs today.  If you have a request for prayer, please send me a message.

Anna Lee