““A wise person is hungry for knowledge, while the fool feeds on trash.”

 ~Proverbs 15:14NLT~




The youth are doing well at M-Fuge this week.  Please continue to pray for them.  They will return to Kentwood Saturday.




Mr. Sambo Cutrer, Sr. of Line Creek passed away.  I’ll post arrangements when they are available.



I’m so excited about the Missions Project Day tomorrow.  I’m almost ready.  Thanks to some of my Children on Mission.  They have really learned the “do” part of our pledge.  I’ve been thankful for their help and company this week.  We have some great projects to work on.  Bring your scissors.  If you haven’t been come, and join the fun and fellowship.  Get to know someone else a little better in the process.  You can be a part of “do” too!



Bible Study this Morning – Romans 12



Read the Bible

  • I Chron. 10-12
  • Job 16
  • I Cor. 6



“Nadia and a Doll” –



Baptist Press –





Thank-you for reading and praying.

Anna Lee