“God is love.”

~1 John 4:8~




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Connor Corkern

Up until last Friday night Connor had been well. I noticed he sounded congested, but nothing that worried me. Saturday morning he woke up congested with lots of thick mucus and fever. I started giving his usual meds, CPT vest, and breathing treatments to stay on top of it. By Saturday night he seemed better. Sunday morning he needed some oxygen, and after trying my best to get him suctioned out well enough to breathe easily I had a gut instinct that I needed to bring him in to Children’s.

I loaded him up with his portable oxygen tank and off we went. By the time I made it to Hammond I noticed he was lethargic, had rapid short breaths, and my heart knew he wouldn’t make it to New Orleans.
I rushed into North Oaks hospitals ER in tears pushing my barely breathing Connor with his oxygen tank. They immediately brought him back and started working on him. They took excellent care of him until Children’s Hospital’s helicopter arrived to pick him up. I breathed a sigh of relief watching the helicopter lift off the ground bringing my boy to his home away from home. If only I had known what was happening in that helicopter I wouldn’t have been so calm.

Ninety minutes later Coye and I sat outside of CHNOLA’s Pediatric ICU waiting to see Connor man. We had to wait an hour more before being brought to his room.

Connor had to be bagged the entire ride to CHNOLA and was immediately intubated upon his arrival in New Orleans. My boy was in septic shock, had metabolic acidosis, and his left lung had pneumonia. His blood pressure bottomed out a few times, but thanks to the incredible ICU team here, he made it out okay.

The ICU doctor came out and told us how incredibly sick Connor was and how he wasn’t out of the woods by any means. We weren’t sure if Connor would be able to overcome this illness and were mentally preparing for a life without our boy; something we dread with every ounce of our being.
Fast forward four days later, Connor is making miraculous progress. He is still intubated, somewhat sedated, but is holding his own blood pressure and his levels are stabilizing.

We know Connor’s healing will be a long process, and we know God is in control. Many people have asked us how we can be so strong, and our answer is always the same…God. When we are weak, He is strong.

Thank GOD for His beautiful mercy, grace, and love. God’s plan is perfect and has led us to wonderful destinations with our boy. He has also led us to all of you, our amazing prayer warriors and supporters. God is so good to us.

I promise to keep you all updated on Connor’s progress through this adventure. Our family sends you love tonight, and always. Thank you for following along on Connor man’s many adventures.




Joanne Seymour is progressing well following cancer surgery and looking forward to the next step in New York.



Adrian Phillips is home and so glad to be back at Pine Ridge.  Keep him in your prayers.



Mrs. Ruby Dillon is no longer at North Oaks, but a rehab to regain her strength.  Pray for good progress so she can come home soon.



Stanley Relan passed away Thursday.  The obituary will be available today.




Read the Bible

  • I Kings 13-14
  • Job 7
  • Romans 4



Vacation Bible School is just around the corner.  You can sign up to attend at FBC, Kentwood at the church webpage.


It’s not too early to begin packing your shoebox for Operation Christmas Child.  

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