Then I said: “LORD, the God of heaven, the great and awesome God, who keeps his covenant of love with those who love him and keep his commandments, ….

~Nehemiah 1:5~



Yesterday, the 2018 graduates were honored at many area churches.  FBC, Kentwood not only had a large number of graduates, but we also had such wonderful Christian young adults in the group.  May you take God with you each day whether you will be in school or on-the-job.


Read the Bible

  • Reflect on God as Sovereign
  • Complete any passages you missed this past week



It was good to have the Dillons at church again.  “Miss” Ruby’s illness has kept them homebound for a year.  How wonderful it was to have them at church!  I know it was wonderful for them too.



Also, Mrs. Bessie Hayden was back, this time with her oxygen tank.  She wore a big smile, as usual.  I’m thankful again today to the men who built her a ramp to get her wheelchair out of her house.



I’m also thankful for the elevator at church that enables people like these two ladies to get to our sanctuary.  It is much more than a convenience for others to use when they are not able to climb the steps.



If you know someone who is not mobile enough to climb the steps at church, please tell them about the elevator and the volunteers who wait out in front of the church to assist those who may need an umbrella, help with a heavy load, wheelchair assistance, etc,  Those volunteers make mobility to the sanctuary not only possible, but also much more pleasant.  The volunteers usually  notice your need before you can ask!



Pray for the family of Mr. James W. Frazier today.



Have a fantastic week!

Anna Lee