“Go, stand in the temple courts,” he said, “and tell the people all about this new life.”

~Acts 5:20~



Jelaigne Fitzhugh of Greensburg had a heart procedure yesterday.  Thankfully, the doctors at Ochsner were able to repair her heart valve, not replace it.  Pray for her as she recovers.



Debbie Wilkinson of Amite made her regular trip to M.D. Anderson at Houston and returned giving a praise report that her tumor is not growing.  Thank-you for your continued prayers.



David Carley, the son of Gary Carley and Gwenette Dixon will have triple by-pass heart surgery this afternoon.  Please pray for the family and for all the medical staff involved.



Joanne Seymour‘s stage four cancer surgery went well in New York yesterday.  Please continue to pray for Joanne as she heals.  She formerly lived in Amite.



Victoria Griffith, the granddaughter of Gerald and Martha Griffith of Kentwood, tried to stop a dog fight yesterday,  She was bitten and lost the tip of her ring finger.  She will be having surgery in Jackson, MS today.  Please pray for Victoria, the medical staff, and the family.




Read the Bible Today

  • I Sam. 13-15
  • Ps. 50
  • Acts 7




Friday Morning Bible Study –  Romans 6




Operation Christmas Child – Bring your filler items to my Sunday School classroom before Sunday School.  An example of a filler item would be balls you found on sale recently that you purchased in abundance.  Other items you might consider buying would be $1.00 flashlights at Walmart, $1.00 calculators from Dollar General, $1.00 jump ropes from Dollar Tree, and bars of soap.  Buy as many as you fed led to purchase.  You might even consider buying something every pay day or on a certain day of the week.  You will be blessed as you bless others.


Have a wonderful Friday!  Today would be a good day to attend Bible study, visit someone who is ill, prepare a meal for a busy neighbor, or ?????.

Anna Lee