“You will search again for the Lord your God.

And if you search for him with all your heart and soul, you will find him.”

~Deuteronomy 4:29 NLT~



Sharon Phillips’ heart valve surgery yesterday lasted 7 1/2 hours, but went well.  She is in ICU in Covington and will have a rather long recovery time.  Please pray for her.



Mrs. Mildred Birch continues to have back problems.  Please pray for her to get some relief.



Bobby Simpson is improving and may even be able to be in church Sunday.  Thank God for his improvement.



Martha Griffith seems to have also had a stroke.  Pray for her as she fights to recover.



Gail Brister will have a knee procedure Friday in Covington.  Pray she benefits from the surgery and can get around better.



Thank God for medical personnel and medical knowledge to take care of Gail and all the rest of us.



Read the Bible

  • Judges 1-3
  • Psalm 44
  • John 14



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Baptist Message



VBS at FBC, Kentwood will be the first full week of June.  Mark your calendar.



Last night, in Children in Action, we played a learning game.  One part was to stand in a circle facing away from each other.  This represents the focus of our church – others!  Let’s pretend to stand in a circle facing away from each other, but looking outward.  That will surely direct our paths in better directions.



If you have children who are interested in M-JAM, please sign them up at church.  Also, get an information sheet from me Sunday.  M-JAM is May 5th at Camp Tall Timbers.  We will leave Kentwood at 4 P.M. on the 4th and return Saturday night.  It will be a fun, but very inspiring day.  Boys and girls in grades 1-6 are invited to join with us.



May our churches continually focus outward!

Anna Lee