Through him you believe in God,

who raised him from the dead and glorified him,

and so your faith and hope are in God.

~1 Peter 1:21~


A former student, Malanie Harrell, is soon to be honored by teachers and classmates.  This will give her an opportunity to see many of those she hasn’t seen in the last many years at one time.  Pray for this reunion to be all Melanie dreams of.



Ken Roberts is improving.  She was able to sit up yesterday.  Pray for Ken as his body adjusts to his new heart.



Ferrie Gene Blackmon is improving and will soon leave rehab for home.



Bessie Hayden is still making improvements.  Pray for her as she see her doctors to determine what is next in her treatment.



Please continue to pray for Mr. John Alan Blackwell.  He’s still at North Oaks.



Eric Lee has a side-step in his treatment.  He had to Baton Rouge for a problem with his pic-line.  Pray for his continuing treatment.



Rob Anderson, son in law of Robert and Ora Lee Wilson, is doing better.  Thank-you for your prayers for him and his family, especially has his family had a big move to a northestern city during this time.



Rhonda Hendry of Chesbrough has been having some issues with her thyroid.  She learned yesterday that there is a little carcinoma remaining and will undergo surgery to remove it.  Please pray for Rhonda and her family.



I have two messages to share about two great pastors I have know.  I think you will be touched by these.  I got to hear both of them many times and am so blessed for that.



Read the Bible

  • Numbers 16-18
  • Psalm 26
  • Luke 4



Reminder – Two-Rivers Associational WMU meeting Monday morning at 10:00 at FBC, Greensburg to learn about the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering – All ladies are invited to attend.

Anna Lee