Turn from evil and do good;

seek peace and pursue it

~Psalm 34:14~


Some people in our neighborhood frequently hike.  Saturday, while hiking, Tommy Travis slipped off the trail and fell 15 feet landing with his forehead on a log.  He has 26 stitches and 26 staples now.  Let’s pray for complete healing as Tommy gets lots of rest in the next week.  Let’s also thank God that Tommy was not more seriously hurt.



Mrs. Bessie Hayden is hospitalized in Baton Rouge where she had some stents put in her leg last week to help increase circulation.  Pray for all involved in her treatment.  Today, they plan to attempt to add more stents.  I know she will appreciate your prayers.
Mrs. Ora Lee Wilson has been seeing doctors about her lung issue.  Yesterday, she shared that a doctor has recommended surgery.  Pray for her as she gets a second opinion and makes decisions.
Read the Bible – Reflect on God as Lord and do any necessary catch-up reading
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Children’s Mission Day – Sign up to be a part of this special day that is coming up on the 17th.  We will make some items that will be shipped as fillers for shoeboxes for children at Christmas through Operation Christmas Child.  One way many of you might be able to help is to bring us some carnival beads.  It is best if they are bagged in limited numbers so we can easily untangle and sort them for packaging.  There will be many activities going on.  You can choose the ones you wish to do or to help the children do.  We will meet at 9:00 A.M.
Many people seem to be fighting a lingering cough.  Let’s pray for this to stop spreading.
Anna Lee