Above all,

love each other deeply,

because love covers over a multitude of sins.

~1 Peter 4:8~


Please continue to pray for Shelbie Travis.  Her doctor is working hard to determine why she is still not improving as he expected.  Pray for her family as they continue to help take care of her and baby Austyn.

Update on Josiah Huckaby:

Update: Josiah had a bit of a rough day yesterday & this morning. He has 2 issues that are causing him some stress. First, he has been retaining some fluid which effects his breathing but they have given him some Lasix to help with that. Second, they think his g-tube site is infected…so he is fighting that. They started antibiotics this morning & he seemed to be doing better this afternoon. We are also waiting to find out what cardiology’s plan is. They will be doing a heart cath just to make sure he doesn’t have any heart issues that they haven’t found during his echos. Once we have a date/plan, we will be sure to update everyone. Also, Josiah now has a primary day nurse…and we must say she is pretty awesome! We will be working towards finding a night primary for him too. He will definitely benefit from having primary nurses because they will hopefully be able to pick up on small changes & catch any issues that could cause him to go into another crisis. All we can do is continue to praise God for all He has done & continues to do for us!!! Thanks to everyone who has prayed for us, helped pay for meals at the hospital/gas/groceries, and called/text. We are so blessed to have such a great support system!!!

Maddie is the grandchild of one of my classmates.  She is sick.  Please join her facebook page to stay updated on how to pray for her.  On Facebook – Mattie’s Miracles  Thanks!  You can “like” the page if you want to follow Mattie’s journey.




Read the Bible – Mark 12-13 & Psalm 118

Baptist Press

Georgia Barnett Offering for Louisiana  – Learn some new ways this offering is used to help educate those serving in our state.

Operation Christmas Child – Meg Pittman is getting ready to order some OCC shoeboxes to pack at Spring Creek Baptist Church.  If another church or group still needs boxes or needs additional boxes, please contact her.  She will add your order to her order.  It will save money on shipping costs if churches go together to order boxes.


Thank-you for checking in today.  Your prayers are important!

Anna Lee