I pray this: that your love

will keep on growing in knowledge

and every kind of discernment.

~Philippians 1:9 HCSB~



Mrs. Anne Hurst is in St. Helena Hospital.  Please keep her in your prayers,

Mrs. Theople Hurst is home and glad to be there.  She thanks you for your prayers.

Dennis Travis is better and possible can come home tomorrow.  He will be seeing additional doctors.

Aubrey McMillian had a lawn mower to turn over on him about a week ago.  He is still healing, but thankful it was not much worse.  Please add him to your prayer list.

Donna Fay Miller’s heart ablation is scheduled for the 12th.

Pray for Miss Fay Shoemaker as she does pre-op for her heart cauterization.



Read the Bible – John 16-18 & Psalm 110


Baptist Press



Third Thursday at the Cabin – Tonight at 6:30


Friday Morning Bible Study – FBC, Kentwood at 10 A.M. Fridays



Looking forward to baptism and decisions Sunday morning.

Anna Lee