Tuesday Addition

I’m going to share some prayer requests, praises, and updates tonight.

  • Mr. Charles Miller, Bro. Darrell’s dad, was better and about to go home about noon Sunday.  Let’s pray he continues to do well.
  • Mrs. Theople Hurst was able to have her surgery this afternoon.  If all goes well tonight, she should be returning to Kentwood tomorrow.  Pray for her recovery process.
  • Dennis Travis of Montpelier is hospitalized at North Oaks with severe kidney problems, which have been causing heart concerns.  He is a little better now.  Please pray for Dennis.
  • Donna Fay Miller saw a doctor today and will now be seeing a cardiologist.  Pray she can have the heart ablation soon.  This A-fib is wearing her out.  I know she will appreciate your prayers.
  • Megan Simeon is still on the same island, St. Kit, where she and her mother endured Hurricane Jose.  Pray for Megan as she prepares to face another hurricane.  Pray for her family back in Kentwood.
  • George Cutrer of Osyka has been improving at home.  Today, he saw some doctors for check-ups.  Thankfully, he is doing well.
  • Shelby Travis, daughter of Melissa Bryan of East Fork, had a baby last weekend. She has been dealing with infections since then.  She went to the E.R. tonight.  The baby is fine.  Let’s pray Shelby’s problems are properly addressed and she will soon be able to go home to be with her baby.


There’s one more night of revival at FBC, Kentwood.  Join us at 6 P.M. tomorrow night.


Thursday, we will have our monthly Third Thursday at the Cabin.  We meet at 6:30.


Read the Bible

  • Monday – John 9-10 & Psalm 107
  • Tuesday – John 11-12  Psalm 108


I’ll post a more complete Prayer Link in the morning.

Anna Lee