You will eat the fruit of your labor;

blessings and prosperity will be yours.

~Psalm 128:2~


Read the Bible – Mark 15-16 & Psalm 10


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  • Associational Harvest Revival – Friday at 6:30 at Hillsdale Baptist Church
  • Revival at FBC, Kentwood – Sunday – Wednesday
  • Missions Class for Children – Tonight at FBC, K at 6 P.M/
  • Friday Morning Bible Study – Will NOT meet this week



People You Might Want to Thank Today

  • Person who led you to the Lord
  • Person who invited or took you to church
  • Person who taught you in Sunday Schoo, Bible study, VBS, etc,
  • Person who checked on you when you or a family member was sick
  • Person who taught you at school
  • Person who always went out of their way to be kind to you
  • Person who contacted you when you missed church
  • Person who sang a song that touched your heart
  • Person who delivered a meal to your family
  • Person who did any of these things for family members
  • There are many others, but you will have the idea by now.  A little appreciation on our part may come on just the day a person needs it most.

Anna Lee