“When the master comes

and finds the servant doing his work,

the servant will be blessed.”

 ~Luke 12:43 NCV~


Miss Fay Shoemaker did well with her angiogram and will now have her heart valve repaired September 21st.

Betty Fussell is not have a good week.  Please say some extra prayers for her and her family.

David’s brother, Jimmy, learned that two places that looked suspicious for cancer are not cancer.  He will return in three weeks to have additional testing since his cancer is very aggressive.  He asks that you pray for him.

James Allen is not residing at Kentwood Manor.  Pray he makes a good adjustment to this move.

Buddy Waller got a good report on his last MRI.  Let’s thank God for that news.

Pray for Rev. Rod Smith as he continue to slowly improve at home.



FBC Members in Local Nursing Homes

  • Kentwood Manor – Hazel Allen, James Allen, Catherine Yarborough, Othell Williams
  • Landmark (Hammond) – Tullie Dean, Frances Strickland
  • St. Helena Nursing Home – Debbie Miller, Evelyn Bridges



Thankfully, Hurricane Harvey is moving on.

  • We have more rain today, but them the chance of rain lessens.
  • You have numerous opportunities to help people living west of us.
  • Carefully choose the agencies you will give your support.
  • Recovery and rebuilding will be a long process.  Prepare to help more than once.
  • We all know people who have been flooded and those who escaped the flooding.
  • It’s amazing to see how people are volunteering.  There will be opportunities to help for a long time, so plan on helping over and over.
  • LA Baptists are training for a number of positions.  Examples – Counselors and mud out teams.
  • Continue to pray for the families of those who have perished.
  • Thank God for many who were and are being rescued each day.
  • Pray for the many first responders who are working long hours and many days.
  • Find the ways you can best help and do so.


Opportunities to Help



Coming Soon – Revival17-18 

  • Gary Bowlin, Evangelist
  • Sunday – Wednesday (September 17-20)



Bible Reading Plan – Matthew 17-18 & Psalm 89



Friday Morning Bible Study Tomorrow

  • Ezekiel 21
  • 10 A.M. in Fellowship Hall
  • Everyone is invited



FYI – If you do not yet have your Sunday School literature, you can visit the church office and get what you need.


Use these and other opportunities to serve God and help others.

Anna Lee