“If you are a follower of Christ Jesus . . .

all that matters

is your faith

that makes you love others.”

~Galatians 5:6 CEV~


Posted by Betty Fussell:

Just wanted to up date you on my second phase of my journey with ovarian cancer. We went to Ochsner Baptist in N.O., Thursday the 27th for my surgery. As some of you may already know, it didn’t turn out like we were expecting. Dr. Estes removed my right ovary, but could not remove my left one because of a tumor that was attached on my left ovary to my colon & that would have led to lots of complications. So now after I get over the surgery, I will have another phase of chemo to go through !! The first chemo did good, but did not completely take care of all the cancer cells….. we are heartbroken, but I know God will get me through this devastating journey one more time!! I appreciate all of your prayers that you have sent my way that have meant so much to me, so I am asking you for your continued prayers through these next few months!! Love each one of you ! God Bless!! ❤️ 7-28-17


Posted by Linda Bridges:

I am in need of my prayer warriors!
Ms. Evelyn Bridges suffered a stroke on Friday the 14 th! The Tulane doctors removed a blood clot from her brain and she stayed in ICU for 4 days! She is currently in Hammond at United Medical Rehab!
We do not know what the future has in store however she is alert and in a happy place in her mind! She has to have moderate to maximum assistance with all everyday activities! We are just praying that this will get better with time! Thanking you in advance for your prayers!
Sorry haven’t posted before now!
But until you deal with something like this ( and I pray you never do)
You can’t understand the life changes and everything that goes along with it!
Love to all!


Posted by the family of Rod Smith of Laurel, MS:

On April 24, 2017 at approximately 3:30 in the morning, Rod had a rare stroke originating near his brain stem. Although most strokes affect either the left or right side of the body, this one affected both. He has paralysis on the left side of his face, affecting his speech and vision. He is unable to close his left eye which must remain covered with a patch. The patch, accompanied by double vision, makes it difficult for him to see and affects his depth perception. The muscles in his throat used for swallowing are paralyzed as well and he can’t swallow at all. He receives all medications and five daily feedings through a tube in his stomach.  Due to partial paralysis on the right side of his body he can no longer walk without aggressive aid.

Overnight, his life and that of his wife and family changed dramatically. Before the stroke, he was leading an active life. Running his bee hives, supporting his family, and aggressively working in his ministry as he has done most of his life. He has a long road to recovery ahead but he is dedicated to persevere with the help of God’s grace!


Hallelujah!!! The bathroom is completed thanks to each & everyone of you that have blessed Rod to be able to bathe daily! You can’t imagine how much this one project has helped him. We love & thank you so very much!
Vivian & Rod


Mrs. Ruby Dillon was moved to rehab yesterday early yesterday afternoon.  She’s at North Oaks Rehab which is on Morrison (Old West Park Hospital).  Visitation is from 4-8 P.M.


Please continue to pray for Bobby Forbes of Roseland.  He recently had heart surgery, but now seems to have other medical problems.


I know you will want to spend some time in prayer for all these people.  Your prayers will be meaningful to their lives.


Read the Bible – Daniel 4-6 & Psalm 56



“Saved, Saved!”



Have a wonderful weekend.

Anna Lee