Monday Addition

Andy Taylor is having problems with his left hand.  Toward the end of the week, he will be having pre-op for his right hand.  Pray he soon gets relief in both hands.

Mrs. Evelyn Bridges is in rehab in Hammond and has made some progress.  Pray for her as the family considers the next step.

Mr. Phillip Harrell is hospitalized at Greensburg.  Tomorrow, he will have an esophagus procedure in Hammond.  Pray for all involved.

Mrs. Ruby Dillon was take back to North Oaks to be admitted.  Pray for Mr. “Cete, “Miss” Ruby, the family, and all those who will be caring for her.  Illey will be coming tomorrow to be with his parents.  David is with Mr. “Cete” at the hospital.

I had someone ask about an update on Mrs. Estelle Raborn, but I haven’t heard today.  If I get an update, I’ll post it later.  In the meantime, pray.