LORD, hear my voice when I call;

be gracious to me and answer me.

~Psalm 27:7 HCSB~



Update on Josiah Huckaby, infant son of Job and KK:

Josiah has been in the NICU for 133 days now. He has had quite a rough time since our last update. He was in critical condition with no improvement from Thursday until Wednesday but we serve a mighty God & he began to make very small improvements Wednesday night. Yesterday they were able to start weaning the percentage of oxygen he is on…which it has been several weeks since he has been under 100% on his oxygen. During this time his pulmonary hypertension got a lot worse but it has also improved since Friday. He is such a strong little boy & has continued to fight hard through every low he’s been through. He’s definitely going to be one tough kid! Thanks for all the prayers & texts!!! God is so good & we can’t praise Him enough for all He has done for our little family!!!


“Miss” Ruby Dillon did not get test results yet.  Please pray for her and Mr. “Cete”.




Ruby Johnson

February 14, 1935 – July 15, 2017

Operation Christmas Child gift of the week – One subject spiral notebooks!  You may purchase where you find the best prices and get as many as you choose.  Please bring to my Sunday School classroom before Sunday School Sunday.  I’ll get a total count to announce in church Sunday when I tell you the items we will be collecting the next week.



Read the Bible – Ezra 4-7 & Psalm 46.

Baptist Press



Children’s Mission Class this week – 6 P.M. tonight for K-5th grade boys and girls



“When They Ring Those Golden Bells”



Thank-you for reading and praying today.

Anna Lee