The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man

avails much.

~James 5:16b, NKJV~



Harrell Sharkey, Jr. has had double hernia surgery.  Pray for him as he heals.

Meg Stevens will have back fusions in a couple of weeks.  Begin praying now that all goes well during surgery and recovery.

Ginger Simmons’ friend, Hedgie, has shown some signs of improvement.  Please continue to pray for him.



Sarah Kimble

May 21, 1960 – July 14, 2017




Read the Bible – Ezra 1-3, Psalm 45, and video on Holiness found at https://thebibleproject.com/



The associational WMU meeting yesterday featured a presentation by Rev. Bobby Spinks about his mission trip to the Amazon.  If you get a chance to see/hear his presentation, I know you will be greatly blessed.  Our next WMU meeting will be September 11th at New Zion Baptist Church.



Baptist Press – http://baptistpress.com



“Give of Your Best to the Master”


Wouldn’t our world be a more wonderful place if we all would “Give our ‘Our’ Best to the Master”?  

Anna Lee