“The Lord is good to everyone who trusts in him.

~Lamentations 3:25 GNT~


Elizabeth Carol New fell and is now in North Oaks for repair and therapy.  Please add her to your prayer list.

Mr. “Cete” and “Miss” Ruby Dillon are healing and getting stronger.  Keep praying for them.

Mr. Phillip and “Miss” Annie Bell Harrell are both as “sharp as tacks”.  Thanks to Don and Phyllis Yarborough, the Harrells have been able to maintain their life at home.  They are always a blessing to me.

Eric McClendon, a former student, had a heart attack and passed away in Europe yesterday while on a summer vacation with his daughter.  Please pray for the entire family and many friends.



Read the Bible – Job 8-11 and Psalm 137

Thom S.



Have a fantastic Lord’s Day.

Anna Lee