Tuesday Addition

This friend’s husband was pastor of Roseland Baptist Church a few years ago, long after we moved to Kentwood.  God allowed David and I to get to know them and love them.  She has a heavy burden and a request from us.  I hope you will stop and pray for her dad as soon as your read her request.  They families are Florida residents now.

Hi Anna Lee. Could you please put my dad on your prayer list. He has a bleeding kidney and a tumor in/on it and needs to be removed. He is a HIGH risk due to other lung and heart issues. The doctor said they can remove it but he may not survive the surgery or he can leave it in and he would possibly bleed to death. What horrible odds…. His name is Jerry Mowery. Pray for him to come to know Christ in this process as well. His 75 years old but I’m not ready to let him go yet. Thanks so much.