I just returned from a two-day WMU meeting at FBC, Mandeville.  It was a great experience!  I wish many more of my friends would have been there too!


“Don’t worry about how or what you should speak.

For you will be given what to say at that hour

because you are not speaking,

but the Spirit of your Father is speaking through you.”

~Matthew 10:19b-20 HCSB~

“Do not be afraid;

keep on speaking, do not be silent.”

~Acts 18:9b NIV~



Pray for Jim Watson as he has a PET scan this week.  The results should let the doctors know how to plan the next steps.


Jimmie Lathan Pittman

February 08, 1953 – March 31, 2017


For the director of music. Of David.

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”

They are corrupt, their deeds are vile;

there is no one who does good.

 ~Psalm 14:1 (NIV)~

“My God is Real”


Read the Bible – 2 Samuel 19-21 & Psalm 92


Invitation – You are invited to the Easter Cantata at FBC, Kentwood April 9th at the P.M. service.

Anna Lee