Sunday Addition

A few addition/updates:

  • Michelle LaBarbara Murphy saw us a few minutes ago and thanked us for the prayer card sent by our church.  She didn’t recognize every name, but appreciated all the prayers.
  • Jahu Young from Bethel Road is in North Oaks with pneumonia.  Pray for this kind man as he fights this problem.
  • Jim Watson, another neighbor, is home but requests no visitors for now.  Pray for Sylvia as she cares for him.
  • Andy Boone passed away this morning.  Please pray for Kathy, Wade, and other family members.

The ladies’ prayer breakfast this morning was well attended.  I enjoyed meeting and hearing from the lady who served in Chili through the seniors program of the IMB.  Thanks to Chinero Fowler and friends who planned the event and the men who cooked our breakfast.

Thanking God for another profession of faith by a child!  God is working in some young lives and tender hearts!  Caiden Frazier, daughter of Brett and Susan, bravely walked the aisle this morning.