But the fruit of the Spirit is love,








and self-control.

Against such things there is no law.



Please continue to pray for Bettye S. Fussell.  She’s home and thankful to be there.  Jill will be going home Tuesday.  Pray they have a good day today.

Pray for Billie Jean Booty who is in ICU at North Oaks.  I learned that she is Betty Taylor’s aunt.

Pray for all the students who are out of school this week.  Pray they will be safe in all they do.


Bible Reading – Deut. 15-16 and Psm. 58



“Young” Ladies’ Birthday Party

  • Tomorrow at 11 at The Cafe
  • All ladies are invited to join us.


Dear children,

let us not love with words or speech

but with actions and in truth.

~ 1 John 3:18 (NIV)~

Sometimes “love” is spelled “doing”!

“Serve the Lord with Gladness”

How pretty!  I think you will enjoy this.

PAPERBACK Bibles for the jail ministry

We already have a collection accumulating.  Please help us add to this with new or used paperback Bibles.  Thanks for helping with another worthy project.

I hope the YouTube of “Serve the Lord with Gladness” follows you throughout the day.

Anna Lee