Look to the LORD and his strength;

seek his face always.


Mrs. Othell Williams stays at home most of the time.  She has been blessed to have sons to stay with her and help her daily.  Loren is staying now.  Johnny, who lives nearby, checks daily.  Please pray for “Miss” Othell.

The Harrrells, both Mr. Phillip and “Miss” Annie Bell, showed improvement yesterday.  I hope the flu goes completely away for both of them today.

Bettye Fussell did get her first treatment yesterday.  She is still in Ochsner on Jefferson Highway.  Keep Bettye and her family in your prayers.

Gail Morris Smith has been taking double treatments for three weeks.  Today she is taking the last one.  Let’s thank God, with her and her family, that the treatments have been completed.


Bible Reading for Today – Deut. 1-3 and Psalm 53 . (We have completed four books of the Bible and a good portion of Psalm too.)



“But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves.”                                                                                                  ~James 1:22 NLT~

“Be Ye Doers of the Word”

It’s always amazing for a verse to “come to me” and immediately, a song comes to mind.  That was super easy today!
Anna Lee