I want to know Christ—yes,

to know the power of his resurrection

and participation in his sufferings,

becoming like him in his death,  

and so, somehow,

attaining to the resurrection from the dead.


Rusty Williams was taken to St. Tammany hospital last night and is now in ICU.  His dad, Jimmy, was seen in the ER and sent home.   Both have the flu.  Rusty is also in respiratory arrest.  Please pray for these men.



Bible Reading for the

• Watch Torah Series: Exodus Part 2 (19-40)
• Read Exodus 35-40
• Read Psalm 29
• Watch Read Scripture: Leviticus
• Download Poster (Mark it up as you read!)
• Read Leviticus 1-4
• Read Psalm 30
• Watch Theme: Atonement
• Read Leviticus 5-7
• Read Psalm 31
• Read Leviticus 8-10
• Read Psalm 32
• Watch Theme: Holiness
• Read Leviticus 11-13
• Read Psalm 33
• Read Leviticus 14-15
• Read Psalm 34
• Read Leviticus 16-18
• Read Psalm 35


Missions March for the Lottie Moon Offering – This morning at FBC, Kentwood


Disaster/Tornado Relief – Bring your donations to the stairwell at the office entrance to the church in the next few days.



“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations,

baptizing them in the name of the Father

and of the Son

and of the Holy Spirit.”

~Matthew 28:19a HCSB~

“Set My Soul Afire”


May we all have our lives set on fire for the things with eternal importance.

Anna Lee