He gives strength to the weary

and increases the power of the weak.

I’m happy to tell you that Mrs. Margaret “Sis” Oliver is back at church following a hospital procedure/surgery.  Thank the Lord she is back with us.

Bobby Forbes had four heart by-passes yesterday.  It was a long procedure, but ended with good results.  Pray for his recovery period at St. Tammany Hospital.

MS Trooper Mitch Chappell is now home.  He was injured in an accident while working.  Please be in prayer for him and his family as his healing continues at home.

Mr. Fernie Ray Gill called when he got home last night.  He gave me two updates to share.  He is thankful you are praying!

  • “Miss” Carol Jean Gill required brain surgery yesterday.  It was done via angiogram at OLOL!  She was doing well, but was required to stay overnight for observation.  The brain aneurysm had changed and called for medical treatment at this time.  Thank God for an alert and skilled doctor.
  • “Miss” Gail Pittman McDaniel is in North Oaks Rehab following her brain surgery last week.  Pray for her as she gets stronger so she can return to Kentwood.


The Hope Center in Roseland has a need you may can help with.

Two Rivers Baptist Association Hope Center is in dire need of two electric stoves and a refrigerator. One of the families that needs the stove is a grandmother raising four grandchildren. If you have one to donate, please call the Hope Center at 985-247-2235 or call Bro. Sylvester, the Director of the Hope Center, at 985-510-0397

If you would like to receive a daily devotional, posted by Bro. Don Meadows of The Lord’s Church, please check his Facebook page and become a “friend”.

Don’t forget to bring your items for tornado victims to FBC, Kentwood.  The sooner the better!



LA Baptist


Scripture Reading for TodayEx. 25-27 . and Psalm 25


“For to this end we both labor and suffer reproach,

because we trust in the living God,

who is the Savior of all men,

especially of those who believe.”

~1 Timothy 4:10, NKJV~

Pray for refuges fleeing war zones.

“Jesus Loves the Little Children” (Adults too!)


Thank you for reading and praying.  I believe in prayer.  When you pray, you are saying you believe too!

Anna Lee