“You will all be joined together,

and you will give glory to God

the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Christ accepted you,

so you should accept each other,

which will bring glory to God.”

~Romans 15:6-7 NCV~


Mr. Philip Harrell has his ups and downs.  Today, he did not feel his best.  Please pray for him and “Miss” Annie Bell.

The Harrells said their son-in-law’s mother in Johnson Station, MS had a stroke overnight.  Earlier this week she had her children pray that she would spend Christmas in heaven this year.  That surely sounds like a lady who is ready to “go home”.  Please pray for Don Yarborough and his family.

Update on Mrs. Anne Hurst:

Anne Hurst met with the Doctor again on Friday because of a poor health week at home.  More test made and new prescriptions.   Praying for a better week ahead.  She asks for continued prayer.

Those of us who were not affected by the flooding in August and who do not travel in those areas can go on with our lives as usual.  That’s not true for everyone though.  I’m reminded of some friends who are hoping to be in their home for Christmas.  Tonight, we learned that David’s brother and sister-in-law will get a temporary trailer before Christmas.  They are still sleeping in a camper on the back of a pick-up.  It was their way to stay close to their house.  I also recently heard there are still people who are living in tents.  It is good to hear of improving conditions for some of them and wonderful to hear of groups who are still helping individuals, churches, schools, etc.  What can I do to help?  What can you do to help?  What are we willing to do?


Two Baptist Press stories I want to point out to you:

  1. “Gatlinburg fire suspects elicit churches’ sympathy” –
  2. “Journey to pastorate included jail time for Fla. pastor” –

Special Dates

  • 14th – Birthday Party for Jesus in Children’s Missions (6 P.M.)
  • 15th – Third Thursday at the Cabin (6:30 P.M.)
  • 18th – Cantata music by adults and children – 6 P.M.
  • 20th – “Young” Ladies’ Birthday Party at The Cafe (11 A.M.)
  • 21st – Church-wide Christmas Caroling (5 P.M.)
  • 24th – Christmas Eve Service (5:30 P.M.)
  • 25th – No services at FBC


Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

The tree is up in the sanctuary.  Red and green ornaments will be placed on the tree as money is received.  When we accomplish our goal, the next ornaments will be gold and represent gifts toward our Hallelujah goal.


Since there is a focus on missions, Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, this month, I’ve chosen a Christmas Carol that tells us to go and tell, two of the components of missions.

“Go, Tell It on the Mountain”


 “Go, Tell It on the Mountain”!

Anna Lee