“The King will reply,

‘Truly I tell you,

whatever you did for one of the least

of these brothers and sisters of mine,

you did for me.

~Matthew 25:40~


This season is about giving in many ways, not receiving.

I’ll try to do some catching up….

Ora Lee Wilson had outpatient surgery and is home recovering.  She won’t be down any longer than necessary.

Andy Taylor is staying in during this colder weather and getting better following the procedure he had Tuesday of last week.  He and the doctor both think he is getting stronger.

Kenneth Birch‘s had surgery at Our Lady of the Lake yesterday.  He’s still in ICU, but will hopefully be able to be moved to a room soon.  The medical staff plans to get him up tomorrow.

George Eddie Lee got home late this afternoon.  I’m sure he was glad to see his own chair after being in the hospital for over a week.

Coach Elton Shaw is getting his strength back after his brief hospital stay last week.

Mrs. Kathryn Kuss is more homebound than before.  Pray for her as she adjusts to not getting out as much.

Hazel Allen will be in rehab in Hammond for a while.  Pray for her and for her family.

Mr. Earl and  “Miss” Nadine Council are in good general health although both of them have/are facing some minor issues.  They send their greeting to all their Kentwood friends.

Scripture Writing – I’m trying to be sure you didn’t/don’t miss any days.

Lottie Moon Week of Prayer


FBC hosted the Associational Lottie Moon Tea Sunday.  Despite the bad weather there were 70 ladies in attendance.  The young ladies sang and blessed our hearts.

FBC held their holiday meal for senior adults Wednesday.  The food was delicious!  The attendance was good.

Children in Action boys and girls are collecting money in their mission banks for Lottie Moon.  They will have a birthday party for Jesus next Wednesday and go caroling with the adults and youth the next Wednesday.

There will be NO Friday morning Bible Study tomorrow, but we will begin John 13 the following week.   Join us if you can.



Louisiana Baptist


Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”                                                                                                   ~John 14:6 (NIV)~

“It Came Upon a Midnight Clear”


Area churches will be sharing their Christmas programs.  Check the schedules so you don’t miss ones you plan to attend.

Anna Lee