For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness

and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves,

in whom we have redemption,

the forgiveness of sins.

Our Madison is being baptized this morning in Prague.  We didn’t know until yesterday.  This is the first grandchild for us to miss this special event.  I’m up early, so at least I can pray at the approximate time.


Ray H. McElveen, Jr.

November 29, 1939 – November 12, 2016


Thankfulness, Day 13 – Today I’m praying for a grandchild who has a love for all people, especially little children.  She has many skills such at singing, cooking, academics, ice-skating, and computer skills.  Lastly, she also has a giggle that is well-known and loved in the family.


Scripture WritingI Chronicles 16:23-36


“Give thanks to the Lord.  I Chronicles 16:34a

“Count Your Blessings”


This is the Lord’s Day.  Live it that way!

Anna Lee