You, LORD, are my lamp;

the LORD turns my darkness into light.

Good news from Brenda Russell , Jeana’s mom – Jeanas surgeon just came by he says he not worried and instead of having to operate they are gonna put wound vac in later this morning bedside. All i can say is God is so good and answered prayers. Thank all of u for ur prayers

got a good report on his last round of tests.  We are thanking God for the good news.

Mr. Harlon Toney has been undergoing medical tests.  Some results are leading to more testing.  Please pray for Mr. Harlon and his family.

My David is able to see!  For a while he wondered if that was going to happen.  His vision is far from perfect, but it continues to slowly improve.  The gas bubble in the right eye has not broken up yet.  We’re looking ahead with hopes for better vision.

David and I are blessed to have the “cabin”.  We had company last week.  Now, we are preparing for three events for next week.  We thank Him for allowing us to have this special place.

Third Thursday – One of our gatherings at the cabin next week is the monthly Third Thursday that is so special to us.  Every month, I say it is the best night of the month.  I fully expect Thursday to be the same way.  We meet at 6:30, if you want to see for yourself.


Operation Christmas Child  We are coming to the conclusion of our collecting and preparing for packing shoeboxes in two weeks.  Two weeks from today, we will be filling the shoeboxes.  Then, this time next month, we will be a drop-off location for the first time.  I believe in Operation Christmas Child because David and I have seen it at work!


Scripture Writing – Luke 9:23-27 –


Devotional, Scripture, and a Song


Make some plans and preparations so you can worship the King tomorrow!

Anna Lee