Thursday’s Second Addition

Richard Dees had a mild heart attack and has a new stint.  He will be resting and recovering at home for a while.  Please add your prayers.
Betty Lou Bennett Bethel – “Miss” Betty knew me before I was born, loved me almost like I was one of her children, and prayed for me and my family faithfully.  I might also add that she was one of my very first mission teachers at Roseland Baptist Church.  She was also present in Children’s Church in Roseland when each of my children made a profession of faith.  I was so blessed by her at different stages of my life.

Born: March 03, 1928
Died: June 23, 2016

Please pray for Bro. George Frye as he is beginning his youth/children’s minister position for the summer.  I feel like he would appreciate some volunteer workers periodically.  Let him know if you can help.

Pray for our new mission organizations and those who have volunteered to participate in this great program.