Wednesday Evening

There will be no Third Thursday Meeting this month.  David will have another eye surgery tomorrow.  We will meet next month on the Third Thursday.


“Cast your bread upon the waters,

for you will find it after many days.”

~Ecclesiastes 11:1 RSV~


Jeana Russell Lee-Newman’s doctor suggested she NOT have surgery this week because it would be too dangerous to her life.  Pray for future decisions that will be made.

Jerry Doughty has just returned from M.D. Anderson with a good report.  Thank God for that good report.

Jane Wickham came home from knee surgery.  It seems to have gone smoothly this time.  Pray for Jane as she recovers.

Mrs. Ruby Dillon continues to improve.  Thank you for all your prayers for her.

Ora Lee Wilson’s brother had a successful surgery today.  Pray for him as other issues are addressed.

Carol McDaniel Russell, formerly of Russelltown, has West Nile Virus.  She has been very sick for a couple weeks and faces at least that much more time of sickness.  Your prayers for her are warmly appreciated.

Please continue to pray for David and me as the retina specialist works on David’s eye tomorrow.  Pray he can successfully remove the cataract.

Bro. Tommy Smith of FBC, Greensburg will be conduction the funeral service for his grandmother in Florida tomorrow.  I know he will appreciate your prayer support.


Thank you to all who prepared and/or served food for the family of Mrs. Hazel Smith yesterday.  I know the family was thrilled by your service for then in honor of their mother/grandmother/sister/etc.


Scripture Writing2 Corinthians 2:9-11

Devotional, Scripture, Thought, and a Song

Please continue to pray for the many area churches having VBS this week.  Pray that young, tender hearts will be touched in each VBS.

Anna Lee