“They desire a better country, that is, a heavenly one.

Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God,

for he has prepared for them a city.”

~Hebrews 11:16b, ESV~


David “Booger Red” Bryant has done much better since being transferred to Ochsner in New Orleans.  He is awake and off the vent.  They may not need to do the gall bladder surgery after all.  Keep praying.

Sherman Cutrer had been dealing with A-fib.  Before that, he was doing very well.  Let’s pray the A-fib is short-lived and Sherman makes more improvement.  While at the hospital Monday night, Jewel Kay fell in the parking lot.  Pray she isn’t too sore to do the things she needs to do for Sherman.  Thankfully, she apparently did not break any bones when she fell.

Pray for the children at FBC, Kentwood VBS today.  All the older children will learn about salvation.  It is always one of my favorite happenings at VBS.


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Our prayers are always answered – maybe not exactly as we hoped, but answered!

Anna Lee