And Mary said: “My soul glorifies the Lord  

and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.”

~Luke 1: 46-47~


I have a long list to share today.  Get ready to do some praying.

  • I saw one of Mrs. Hazel Smith‘s daughters.  Her mother is resting more.  The girls are staying close.  Pray for each one of them.
  • Patsy, sister of Theople Hurst and Bobbie Magee, will be having another lung surgery Thursday.  Prayers will be appreciated.
  • Susie Sharkey had a set-back yesterday following her recent foot surgery and was taken back to the hospital yesterday.  Pray for her and her family.
  • Mrs. Inez Randall is hospitalized.  Heart tests are being done.  Please pray for this sweet lady and her large family.
  • Mrs. Ruby Dillon had eye surgery almost three weeks ago.  We’ve been keeping up with her daily.  She is having complications that just don’t seem to go away.  Prayers please.
  • Chloe Neyland got a very good report on a recent visit with her cardiologist.  She doesn’t need to see her doctor for another year.  Pray her little heart continues to function so well.

Vacation Bible Schools in the various churches will begin soon.  Check the church(es) in your area to learn all the details to get children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, neighbors, and friends enrolled.

Waylon Bailey –

ThomS. Rainer –

Short-term mission trips: I have a number of friends who will be going on mission trips to various countries in the coming weeks.  Pray for them and those who will be ministered to. Consider going on such a trip one day and begin praying along that line.  In the meantime, contact one of the churches sending our members to learn how you might become a supporter of the ministry.

Devotional, Scripture, and a Song

Scripture WritingIsaiah 40: 18-21

Monday is memorial day.  Remember all the families of military personnel who did not safely return from their service to our country, but who gave their lives for a country they considered great and worthy of a possible sacrifice.  I do not know of anyone in my family, but David had an uncle who gave his life in France in WWII.  Pray for all families who have lost military personnel during their service.  Pray our country will remain strong and worthy of all the sacrifices of these people.

Anna Lee