LORD, you establish peace for us;

all that we have accomplished

you have done for us.

Isaiah 26:12



I had to share this prayer request for Mrs. Grace Chadwick just as it came to me.  You’ll understand it that when you read it.  Also, “Miss” Grace is probably the oldest mother I know.

Please keep my Grandmother Grace in your prayers. We had to take her to Hood’s ER yesterday morning, and from there, she was transferred to North Oaks . According to the Dr., the test show that she has had a mild heart attack, and will be having an angiogram tomorrow, but we don’t know what time yet.There is a possibility that she has a blockage, and if so, they will be putting in a stint. She is in good spirits, and wants to have this done. She has plans for things that she is looking forward to doing this summer, and is not letting this stand in her way. She was so funny yesterday morning. When she finally decided that she should go to the hospital, she asked us to call and ask if they could see her and send her home. When I told her that they could not decide that over the phone, she wanted to know if we thought that when we drove up to the emergency room doors, they would come out and give her something for nausea, and let us be on our way back home. I told her that at this time, Hood’s doesn’t have a drive through service, so she decided that she needed to go by Acadian Ambulance. The nurses in Hood’s ER, thought that the drive through service idea was too funny, and assured her that the idea would be put in the hospital suggestion box, lol. Don’t think for one minute that she’s not on top of things. They can’t believe that she’s 94. They keep saying that she doesn’t look or act like she is. Thank you so much for your prayers, we really appreciate them!


Scripture WritingPsalm 91: 1-8

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